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Timber Pest Inspectons

When purchasing a house, or any other kind of property, you don’t want to be finding out later, or much later, that termites have eaten a big hole in the value of your investment.

There is also the problem of timber decay. Then there are a host of other possible problems, such as borers, chemical delignification, and the conditions that lead to the development of some of these.

What you need is someone with sufficient experience and a proven track record to first find; and then explain any of these issues. Some of them are rare, or very rare with certain categories of dwellings.

What you don’t need is a complicated & wordy essay that seems to be more about fine print & disclaimers, than summarising what you really need to know fast.

I use the Termatrac T3i Termite detection monitor.

The T3i has been hailed as “the most advanced termite detection device in the world” and, “the first ever product to precisely detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites without the need for physical penetration of walls, floors or ceilings, and without disrupting and displacing termite activity.”

The Termatrac is now being used by the major top pest control companies including Lloyds Pest Control on the West Coast and Breda Pest Management in Georgia USA. The key entomologists in the USA and Australia are now using the Termatrac to help them with major research. This includes Dr Vernard Lewis from Berkley, University of California together with Theo Evans BASF on Drywoods, and Dr Brian Forschler from University of Georgia with Dr Mike Ulyshen from US Forestry Dept on Formosans.

In addition both BASF and Bayer have both approached Termatrac to help them with their programs as they see Termatrac as the key device to help them in their business.

The Termatrac T3i is billed as a “three tools in one” device designed to capture and pinpoint termite activity via a combination of moisture sensing, patented radar detection and temperature differential detection. This device is the biggest breakthrough in termite detection and is seen as the most advanced device available for the professional pest operator.

The T3i is the biggest breakthrough in termite detection and is seen as the most advanced device available for the pest professional. You can visit -You Tube Video “Termatrac, Jim Williamson”, he is from a company in the USA called Bug Smashers.  Jim has a unique style and the way he sells his business by promoting his Termatrac T3i device. 

Building & Inspections & Reportstermite damage

There are some fundamentals that obviously need to be right.

But prior to committing to buy, you certainly need an overview of the condition of the building, other structure, improvements, landscaping, fences, drainage, services, and access. Any proper inspection needs to covers literally hundreds of potential aspects of the property. But the report is also summarised to give you a quick reference. If a particular problem needs explaining, I not only give you the essential overview, but can reasonably expect to answer further queries you may have.

Sometimes, particularly if you’re a first time purchaser, or have been out of the market for quite a few years, the whole process of which steps to take first, how it all fits together, indeed, whether or not it will, or you even ultimately want it to; is more than a little daunting.

The inspections and reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards:

AS 4349.1-2007, & AS 4349.3 -2010